Happy New Kitten Owners

All I can tell you is this kitten is the most divine little creature I have ever encountered! And if I had a dollar for every time someone in our house said: "Oh my goodness, he's SO CUTE!" I'd be a millionaire by now!!! He's asleep on my lap right now as I type. He is never away from us - so loving and such a huge personality for a 2.5 lbs ball of fluff!!

Have a wonderful New Year and thanks again for bringing this little soul into our lives. We ADORE him.

 Xx Mary


Hi Vivian,
Lily is doing great! We joke around and call her a "dog cat" bc cats aren't usually this affectionate! She follows us around and sleeps on my chest every night! It's like a have a little furry scarf on at night. She and our dogs are getting along well and everyone sleeps in our bedroom together at night--one big noah's ark family! She is even friendly with "strangers"....my Mom, who she didn't know, came over the house and she was extremely friendly to her as well. My Mom even said she has never seen a cat so outgoing and friendly. And the purring....she purrs just walking around the house! And she lives her tree house too (which I'm glad because it wasn't that cheap).
It's funny because my husband and I were just saying yesterday that she is so comfortable with us and loving that it feels like she has been here for years instead of the five days we've only actually had her.

Thank you, again....we adore her! :)